Tuesday, March 10, 2009

737 Boeing Jetliner Column Yoke

game › Video Games737 Boeing Jetliner Column Yoke Now there are two companies that make this famous style yoke, Boeing and Precision Flight Controls, Inc. We have painstakingly re-produced this stylish yoke for your flight simulation enjoyment. The yoke is cast aluminum with a beautiful powder coated black finish. The yoke comes with dual trim rockers switches that faithfully replicate the look and feel of its real live counterpart and four more yoke mounted programmable pushbutton switches. The yoke is plug and play USB and is compatible with Flight Simulator and X-Plane software. The yoke is also available in desktop style with pilot or co-pilot configurations. Call us for details. flight simulation (1) Cast Aluminum Powder Coated Yoke Replica of the Famous Boeing 700 series Control Yoke Full Size Column Design Programmable Switches USB compatible 737 Boeing Jetliner Column Yoke
products by Precision Flight Controls, Inc.. It take from amazon[dot]com.

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